The History of Talladega Chamber

The History of Talladega Chamber

Have you ever heard of the Talladega Chamber? Do you know what is the Chamber in general?

In this article, we’re going to answer all these questions and even more. You are going to know what is so special about the Talladega Chamber of Commerce and why its history strikes so much.

The Talladega Chamber of Commerce

Let’s start with the definition of the Chamber. The Chamber is the organization, represented by a group of people, who work together to promote the development of the economy in a certain region or area. It is a number of communities, which call meetings to discuss and analyze the main business problems of the region, to offer some solutions and study the official rates and data. The main goal of such discussions and meetings is to find a way to create a better environment for businessmen, manufacturers, and industrialists. A brighter future for the next generations is the general aim of all of these.

But the history of Talladega Chamber has started years and years ago. Everything has started with the idea to preserve a small historic building. At the first sight, it was only an old railroad depot. But a group of people, looked at this place like at something special. Now the depot serves as office and reception rooms, having a special charm of travelling atmosphere. Thanks to the Talladega Beautification Council and the Chamber of Commerce, this program has transformed from an inspiring idea to the successful project.

One step is enough to understand the beauty of the building. You immediately imagine hundreds of passengers, rushing to their trains and waving to their friends and relatives. Everything is the same here as it was many years ago. The old ticket window is still here. It differs from the ones we used to see on the modern stations. A white marble counter is like a piece of decor here. Just look around and you see people standing in line, waiting for somebody, or searching for the needed ticket. And what about a «Blue Room»? Do you know something about it? The «Blue Room» was a separate room for women who wanted to wait for their train alone, without being viewed by male travelers or disturbed by the noise and the usual railway bustle. This room was quite small, cozy, and had the ostentatious marble on the floor (that’s where the name comes). This depot is definitely the history in the pure form.

Now the Chamber is controlled by its members who serve without pay. The finance is only on the voluntary basis. The Chamber activists believe that the membership in their organization is a huge investment in the present and in the future of the whole Talladega region.

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  1. It would be interesting to look at this building now and on its historical photos. Unfortunately, there are not many photos on the Internet.

  2. I’ve heard about this story before. Moreover, I know people who, inspired by this idea, began to create similar communities and spaces in other countries. And this is very good.

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